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Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #34: Prolapsed Easter Chicken


Holy holiday episode ! The guys break down the resurrection gambit of Easter and prepare for the oncoming Robopocalypse. Lets take a trip around the world and celebrate Easter with some family friendly Self Crucifixion, Auto flagellation, Gravlax and the Polish Butter Lamb. Tis the season of Fish and Chocolate Bunnies so let us pray and think of the sacrifices made by Sideswipe, Duke and the Great Giants of Eternia. Nothing says Easter like the 5 most evil robots ever created that will take over the world after they eat corpses and harass the homeless. Have we gone too far and pushed the boundaries of science and technology ? How will humanity survive this Easter / Robot celebration ? Jesus shot first and so should you.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #33: Street Meat Magician


This week, enjoy some political commentary from the Iron Sheik and his twitter machine. The Iron man 3 trailer challenges the definition of the word triumphant and Mandarin. A recent rumor of Bale Bat returning to the the big screen in the JLA movie brings into question the worst thing a man could ever do. In more Bat news the guys review 6 insane villains that shock and awe the comic and aesthetic senses. Is the universe a giant brain ? Who wants to ride the coconut sh!t shack ? Journey into the cave of treasures of hidden mysteries and experience 5 miracles deleted from the bible because they were too awesome. Baby arm star jesus proclaims, walk the road or the road will walk you ! Are you ready for the Thanagarian camel clutch ? Episode 33 all up in you.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #32: Viper Juggling



The pod to save other pods! Let’s slay some Patent Trolls ( ), But not before the guys figure out the rules and regulations of Lent. Cannibal Cop and Moody Blues hit the net in search of a delicious meal and in Gotham The Boy Wonder Robin bites the dust… again. President Obama uses the rarely seen Jedi Mind Meld to save the US from telepathic Rats and colossal albino prehistoric Sloths. Holy crap another Jesus siting ? A Yukon man gets space herpes by holding a meteor in the crook of his arm only to fall victim to the Mounties In Black. Is a space fight really a fair fight ? Episode 32, It’s a gift don’t misuse it.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #31: Postcards from Gitmo


Happy Birthday you’re fired from the pod, This weeks episode now with 10% more bastard! Sexism and female super heroes, what could go wrong ? Lets catch the Hate train to Hate bay to discuss 50 upcoming movie remakes that disappoint and bewilder even the most mightiest of Bastards. The revenge of Charles Norris is at hand ! But in the mean time lets talk manscaping with the Pancake Astronaut. A mutant troll is shot and killed in Africa and the nocturnal Hueke-Hueke is here to punish humanity. Nobody puts Roundhouse in the corner. Episode 31 ! Let’s get passive aggressive .