Archive | April, 2013

Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #38: Bleu, Spelled Like The Cheese


Audio challenges can’t keep this weeks episode down. Joined by a special guest, Becky Wasilenko the guys decide that topics are for Republicans and wing it. Big horned Tim Curry is declared the cloven hooved sex symbol for prepubescent women everywhere, Stephen Dorf shame rapes us into buying cybernetic blue cigs and a giant penis statue busts tea bagging ghost in Thailand. Meanwhile Zombie prostitutes invade Zimbabwe, an Iranian business man builds a bush league TARDIS and Rob anxiously awaits the inevitable return of his werewolf baby mama with the Yakuza hot on her wagging tail. Bark at the moon, it’s episode #38!


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #37: Evil Science and Magic Buddies


Reading takes eyes, we don’t have eyes! This science-riffic episode is brought to you by Lets take a field trip to the wonderful and disturbing realm of science where we learn of experiments that will likely end the world and meet a group of Mad Scientists that should not be allowed around puppies or monkeys. Who wants to recreate the Big Bang in a microwave? How about launching occult rockets with Jack Parsons and not blowing your face hole off? The Japanese take science and torture to a whole new level with unit 731 and the KKK took my communist slave ape man hybrid away. Fire up your bunsen burners boys and girls things are going to get uncomfortable.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #36: Glendale, Zimbabwe


This week Rob reveals his secret identity as The Fall Guy aka The Human Car Magnet. North Korea is getting its nuclear strut on and Blood drinking cannibal witch children frighten a entire village into submission. The White House can’t afford to pay President Obama’s Reptilian Elite body guards. Space Demons are coming correct with a positive message and the guys review their own dubious merch available at Welcome back Rambo, we wish you many Pizza Huts.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #35: Horseman Baby


Irish Whiskey hangovers and Jawbreaker can’t wash the stink off these potatoes. In a tragic case of facial hair abandonment, Chuck Norris lost his beard…. and we wept. A quick Twitter finger at the Vatican proclaims the Dark Knight as new Pope. The mouse cancels the Clone Wars and a remake of Escape From New York has Chris Kattan as our leading man. Hey who wants to make a Centaur the old fashion way? Some Ukrainian killer dolphins look for love and who doesn’t like a surprise exorcism? In a shocking turn of events, EMBpod will be sponsoring this years hands across America, Episode 35… That’s one to grow on.