Archive | May, 2013

Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #42: Cthulhuian Pancake


This week the guys get down to some pod business and start their fundraiser campaign with a break dancing competition at the old mission. The trailer for VHS 2 has 1 out of 3 Bastards scared to stay outside after dark and Snoopy’s creepy  chateau  gives refuge to a few lost souls. Reboots and remakes our in our near cinema future, are even the most sacred of franchises safe? Lets talk super hero movie news with Avengers 2 and X-Men Days of Future Past. What X villain role could we see Peter Dinklage taking on? In some conspiracy news the moon landing wasn’t faked but it was filmed by Stanley Kubrick. Lets get into some Baba Yaga sleep talking magic and explore a recent sighting of “Monster Barf” in China. 400 dead eagles just fell from the sky and Marc’s wife has a wardrobe malfunction.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #41: The Beaver and The Flood


This week, MTV’s “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham travels across America repairing backdoors while the latest Pacific Rim trailer achieves an all new level of fan boy super erections in the world of Giant Monsters vs Giant Robots. Meghan Fox was spotted on a trampoline and Michael Bay continues his unholy crusade of ruining our childhood. The guys tackle some hard hitting listener questions and get an exclusive interview from a recently resurrected Osama Bin Laden. Our robot overlords are at it again trying to enslave the human race with 3D printers that can create amazing mini livers and pseudo people meat. Lets talk the truth about some Batman and face the possibilities of time travel and parallel earth’s. Lets all agree we can hurt evil but don’t force the issue.


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #40 Patient Zero Man Squirrel


This week the truth will be revealed … and severely distorted. Join the Earth’s Mightiest Bastards as they delve into some the the worlds deepest darkest conspiracy theories and manage to make up a few of their own. Can the Son of God-Head save the human race from our Reptilian Overlords? Was the assassination of JFK carried out by a cross dressing death squad? What horror lies beneath the Denver air port? Will a Harp weather machine ran by a elite cabal of bankers bring the world to its knees? In a turn of events a listener calls in for pizza but gets much more than she bargains for. Space Pumas, Bad Wookies and defecating in the 14th dimension. The truth is out there .. Or is it


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #39 Micro-Terrestrial Hotline


Welcome to the EMBpod sexy hotline show ! The guys interrupt a listeners dinner and things get hot then weird and eventually uncomfortable. 6 inch tall Aliens are invading earth, salacious firemen in NJ get frisky and fart ghosts and or demons run amuck somewhere in a slavic village. In superhero news things get deep when Superman’s plumbing is brought into question, Spidermans hemorrhoids leave him butt hurt, barbaric wiping techniques are explained and Marc yells at his dogs. What happens when a bastard shaves his beard !? Lets not found out