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Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #50: New Age Travelers


This week the guys celebrate episode 50 with a very special guest and good friend of the pod, Mr. Remy Guts ! Let’s talk punk rock reunions and local scene history where all roads lead to Polish-Palooza and Perkins. The great state of Florida is the new hot bed for maternal demons and across the pond a bizarre pony attack has Ultra Scotland Yard on high alert. A slow moving mummy curse haunts a prestigious museum and in Bangladesh a toilet ghost causes some factory workers to reconsider their stance on Erotic German Zoos. Break out your “grunge” gear this is episode 50


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #49: Munchausen Trilemma


This week Chris recalls his most recent car accident and Rob throws is back out by way of a shark. Lets celebrate the 5th of July and raise our beards to our brothers in the North celebrating Dominion day. In some Whovian news, what does a Smooth Criminal and Jello Pudding have in common with the Tardis? The guys gear up for a local horror convention but not before someone gets food poisoning and gets a little carried away in the bathroom. Attention NSA, let’s blow this whistle and talk some science news with brain hackers, Wi-Vi and superhero style exoskeletons. Happy Birthday America XOXO


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #48: Homicidal Albino


The Race to Space is on! Let’s Shave down and discover the mysteries of the cosmos or get tricked into Bible Camp and watch Russell Crowe upper cut sea life while wearing a potato sack. The Bastards have officially launched a YouTube channel with the magnum opus Kung Fu Kings. Trailers are watched, plots are debated and Atlantic Rim is taking the Mockbuster genre to new and exciting places. In some late breaking movie news Rick Moranis is willing to come back for Ghost Busters 3 and Turkish Superman confirms that “He who smelt it, dealt it.” In weird news a Japanese school girl psychically attacks her school mates and in a salacious segue the guys play some taboo pod games and go places only few dare. Is that a tentacle under your robe or are you just happy to see me?


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #47: Tastes Like Chicken


The Middle Earth Pit Fighters present “The Worst Pod Ever”. This week the guys give the big pitch for their upcoming summer blockbuster “Disagreeance” staring Ben Affleck and Gwar. In movie news, Arnold is back as the father of a teenage zombie and Rob battles with the iPad .. again. Who’s excited to revisit the Island of Nublar and spend the day with the family at Jurassic Park? Lets talk Man Of Steel easter eggs and uncover the conspiracy of the 10 piece bucket of mutant suffering known as KFC. A hairless gargoyle – squirrel – raccoon is spotted in Oklahoma and who really killed Jim Henson? Lets jump in the nostalgia machine and revisit childhood playgrounds, urban legends and ska shows.