Archive | April, 2016

Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #214: Miniature Death Fairy


More desperation per capita.

Episode Talking Points

– Ghost at the Rapids Theatre
– Doctor Strange teaser trailer
– Godzilla teaser trailer
– Jared Leto goes full Joker
– Lantern Corps
– Stanley Hotel Ghost
– Japanese Kappa


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #211: Samuel Chase: Chase Con Expo


This week the guys talk with Samuel Chase the head of Chase Con Expo.

Chase Con Welcomes Cosplay, Guest Stars, Gaming, Anime, Sci-Fi, Furries, Geeks, Comic Books, Artists, & Vendors! Fun for everyone on 4.23-24.16!


Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #210: The Wrath Of Five


An otherworldly love story.

Episode Talking Points

– Microsofts teen twitter bot loves Hitler
– Shane Black addresses Predator
– Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice reviews
– CW’s Flash / Green Arrow
– Star Wars Episode 8 news
– Guillermo del Toro’s next project
– Dooms Day clock moves two minutes to midnight