Welcome to THE EARTH’S MIGHTIEST BASTARDS! The podcast that dares to ask the big questions such as: “Did Tom Hanks’ career peak at Monsters & Mazes?” or “Are Bigfoot secretly piloting UFOs?” and “Can LARPers get laid in the real world?”

We’re Just a trio of bearded, working class, buddies who get together once a week to drink beer, smoke butts, hide out in the “Garage Of Injustice” (TM) and discuss/debate all things geek, nerd and pop-culture that pop up on our radar from cult cinema to comics to weird science to cryptozoology. Marc, Chris and Rob are a butcher, a blogger and sewer dredger by trade, but at night the artists, musicians, filmmakers, monster hunters and movie lovers creep out to talk smack and try to bring a little sense to this misguided world we call home!

So sit back, crack a brew (unless you’re driving, then make it vodka) and enjoy the rambling rantings of THE EARTH’S MIGHTIEST BASTARDS!


Han shot first !  The Earth’s Mightiest Bastard agree!