Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast #67: Watertown, New York – The Thompson Park Vortex.


This episode the guys pack up the pod and head to Watertown, NY where they interview a local women, Dea ( founder of the Boreadean Order of Druid and Feryllt ) about the paranormal activity surrounding Thompson Park and the alleged vortex which serves as a portal between two realties. What otherworldly beings inhabit this dimensional gateway and what could it mean for mankind?

  • OK-man

    Wow, I was born & raised in Watertown (no longer live there). About 25 years ago, me & my pals dropped acid and tried to find this ‘vortex’ thing. Some weird shit happened, but can’t say for sure if it was the acid or the vortex thing??

    • ya that would be a pretty awesome place to get psychedelic at. Needles to say we hung out for a few and didn’t slip into another world.

  • Angel

    Actually, did you go around any of the rock areas, structures, walkways? Isn’t part of it that the area reportedly has high concentrations of certain minerals and rocks, such as limestone, which may affect the surrounding electromagnetic fields?

    I have lived in Watertown my whole life and the “Watertown’s Area 51” green alien face sigh has a bit of a double meaning – it’s a curious
    place and also one of Area 51’s nicknames. What I thought was funniest about your youtube video was seeing the dog run freely off leash at end of the video… we have been try to get dog park approved for many years in the park, but city council won’t allow it, unfortunately.